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    have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?

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    I love those atheists that worship (pun intended) Richard Dawkins and then get butthurt when I tell them there aren’t even atheists in my field who actually respect anything he says about religion

    P much the only way Dawkins is going to get cited in a religious studies paper is if someone’s researching movement atheism.

  3. "Fuck iceberg lettuce… It’s just crunchy water."

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    lotr meme: ten scenes [5/10] → the lighting of the beacons

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  5. Watching Supernatural


    Ep 5x04, THE END. Dean wakes up in the future at the sign says that the croatoan apocalypse started August 1st, 2014. 

    I’m sitting here going, ‘Oh! That’s like this friday!’.

    Shit that is Friday

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    Karen Gillan ~ Super Villain

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    My favourite part in Order of the Phoenix is when Harry and Sirius are playing hide and seek in the Ministry and Sirius is being silly behind the veil then he jumps out at Harry like “Haha found you!” and then they laugh and high five and go out for ice cream at Fortescue’s.


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  10. sixpenceee:


    A hellhound is a supernatural creature that can be found in folklore. They usually have black fur, glowing red eyes, super strength and speed, a foul odor and sometimes even the ability to talk. Certain legends say that if you stare into a hellhounds eyes 3 or more times, then you will surely die. They are often associated with the entrance to the afterlife. In european legends simply even hearing a hellhounds howl maybe an omen or cause of death. 

    Silent Hill film series + Monsters

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